Welcome to Linux Business Solutions!

Our mission is to provide small to mid-sized Canadian businesses with superior, cost effective technology to improve their productivity and profits.

We provide innovative, cost effective business solutions for intelligent people using the very best of Linux and other Open Source Software. We usually see our clients about twice per year, the rest of the time we manage their systems and infrastructure securely and remotely over the Internet. This saves our clients a small fortune every year in support fees.

Some of our clients include: Internet Service Providers, Entrepreneurs, Aerospace Engineers, Programmers, Lawyers, Doctors and other savvy business people.

If you are open minded and interested in permanently reducing your overhead and doing business on the Internet with greater security, efficiency and productivity then we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us today. We want your business and we'll come right to your door to get it!

Contact Information

smart-pengyWe take our clients' inputs very seriously and are anxious to know what your comments and thoughts are. Please feel free to let us know any suggestions you may have.

We use a virtual office concept with all of our communications done over the Internet. This saves our clients a lot of money. You pay for the service and maintenance of your network instead of our office rent!

All of our staff have high-speed internet access. All emails will be processed between 9 and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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